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EWT is a Dutch headquartered designer, supplier, and O&M provider of its market leading wind turbine range. Its turbines are predominantly used to provide localised on and off grid generation solutions for customers spanning industry, agriculture, water utilities, communities, investment funds and landowners. Active in Europe, North America and building its business in Asia, EWT’s mission is to provide high-quality wind turbines with the lowest possible cost of ownership to the growing world of localised energy generation. The company’s highly professional standards and deep investment in technology are confirmed by its ISO 9001 and VCA** certification, as well as both the high availability levels across its fleet and the competitive cost of energy for localised generation.

Due to our ambitious international expansion strategy and our fast-growing order portfolio, we have several excellent career opportunities for professionals whose sense of commitment, motivation, innovation and technical excellence equals our own. We strongly believe that our success in the world market for wind energy is powered by our most valuable assets: our talented and motivated employees.

As the leading wind turbine distributed energy company, EWT’s product is deployed within microgrid and other systems (e.g. behind the meter of on-site consumers) where the turbine serves within a wider energy generation and demand management system. In addition, EWT’s localised deployments can often be value enhanced by the addition of storage and/or other facilities.

We are looking for a person to support our strategic and business development activities linking our existing product and expertise to the demands and opportunities of storage and other services. This person will be working on supplementing our existing in-house expertise with further expertise in the area of Energy Storage/additional Distributed Energy and Demand Management.

Key skills would include:

  • A clear understanding of alternative storage solutions and their economics
  • An ability to relate these clearly to wind and microgrid system needs
  • Experience in successful deployment projects in storage which would be relevant to EWT’s own business lines
  • An understanding of and experience in microgrid deployments
  • Ideally, international experience in the above, though deep single country focus in a market such as the UK would also be helpful
  • Candidates will be considered from both an economic and a technical background

We are looking for people who are flexible, creative, with a problem-solving attitude, who show initiative and who co-operate well with colleagues.

If you feel you are qualified, please do send us your cv and motivation letter to: Saskia van den Ingh (Human Resources)

Saskia van den Ingh

Group HR Manager

+31 (0)33 454 05 20

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