EWT enters Danish market

novembre 29, 2017

Amersfoort, November 29, 2017 – EWT, the world’s leading turbine supplier for localized energy generation, successfully entered the Danish market with the installation of two DW61-900kW wind turbines in Tasinge, close to Svendborg.

The installations demonstrate the best in class technical solution and investment returns which EWT’s product and long-term service represent when replacing existing end of life turbines, whether for self-generation, export to grid or self-consumption offset. Even in the case of the challenging environment of low cost energy tariffs, as in Denmark. One of the turbines combines energy offset and grid power sales, lowering the cost of energy for the organic vegetable farming business which will host that turbine in addition to earning income from energy sales. The second turbine will be a community wind project, where the local community will have the opportunity to become part of the project via the buy of shares of the turbine.

The area of where the turbines are installed has some height restrictions for wind turbines. EWT proved the most efficient solution to this restriction and the need to provide a significantly better investment outcome than continued life extension.

EWT is the first non-Danish wind turbine manufacturer to install turbines in Denmark. EWT’s CEO, Mark Jones, said « We are delighted to be working with the localized energy clients of Denmark, believing that our product and service would prove their best long-term solution. »

« EWT came into the picture because they have sub-megawatt turbines which are the ideal fit for one sized projects; like ours for self-consumption purposes » says Peter Bay, owner of the organic vegetable farm Skiftekær Økologi aps.

Denmark has been a pioneer in developing wind energy projects in the early days with today more than 40 per cent of its energy supply coming from wind energy. The Danish turbines in the sub-Megawatt segment are no longer in production at most Danish wind turbine manufacturers. EWT offers reliable solutions for turbine owners restricted to height and power output and is therefore an interesting player in the market for new built and repowering projects.

The two turbines were erected in the last week of October 2017. The delivery of the turbines also includes EWT’s DirectWind Service Package, consisting of 24/7 condition monitoring, product and performance warranties and preventive maintenance. The turbines are expected to be connected to the grid mid- December.

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