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Since january 2018 all energy consumers in Mexico, with a consumption greater than 2MW must consume at least 5% per year of clean energy, a percentage that will even further increase.

This situation in Mexico creates a stimulus for end users to develop their own projects and consume self-generated electricity on site. EWT is helping Mexican customers to reduce their energy costs and become less dependent on expensive conventional energy sources by providing solutions for wind energy generation on site. EWT has identified and structured different options for industrial users and other high-electricity consumers to benefit from onsite wind generation projects. Bringing together a full package of finance, project development and construction, EWT provides a full energy solution to clients that will benefit from reduction of their energy cost, security on the Green certificates obligations and a great green image flag down their door pointing their factories as sustainable businesses.

EWT is offering a selection of services in Mexico:

Ignacio López Martin

Head of Business Development - Latin America

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