Project Developer (US-based)

EWT is targeting continued growth of its market leading position in distributed wind. The supply of electricity to meet demand is becoming increasingly localized as communities, industry, and utilities seek to bypass infrastructure constraints and provide lower-cost electricity to local demand. Both on and off grid, EWT has a proven, market leading product range meeting this demand now.

With an installed fleet in the US and abroad, over $700m invested by third parties in projects featuring our turbines, a competitive cost of energy, and an award from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, we are considered the leading medium scale distributed energy company in the world.

Currently active in business development in the Northeast, California, and the Midwest, EWT works with parties throughout the value chain –  landowners, communities, co-ops, utilities, and commercial, industrial, and residential energy users. And we are growing our business focus in the US and adding financed and PPA solutions to our offering.

We are focused on growing a sustainable and strong business in the US, and are seeking an additional team member for Project Development, with at least 3+ years of wind and/or solar energy project development experience.

General Activities

  • Develop a consistent pipeline of projects based on company deployment goals
  • Conduct/manage project identification and screening to select projects that have high probabilities of success
  • Determine which portions of projects can be completed internally versus which portions will require 3rd party experts
  • Build network of environmental consultants, engineers, lawyers, utilities, state and federal agencies and other key stakeholders
  • Identify project risk factors and develop plans to mitigate them
  • Develop site-specific project plans, schedules, and budgets
  • Manage projects from site identification through construction and turbine commissioning

Specific Activities

Wind Resource Assessments

  • Manage preliminary wind resource assessments (this will be done in conjunction with internal wind resource engineers)
  • Conduct site screening using state/county wind resource maps and/or in-house database
  • Identify potential nearby data sources
  • Work with internal engineers to produce estimates of annual electricity production

Initial Site Assessments

  • Direct desktop critical issues and/or fatal flaw studies to evaluate potential siting constraints such as available acreage, obstacles to wind flow, topography, aviation, radar, sensitive species and habitats, sites of cultural and historic significance, flood plains, and aesthetic importance
  • Identify and characterize project viability from local, state, and federal permitting perspectives
  • Determine proximity and basic electrical characteristics of local distribution systems
  • Identify and manage all preconstruction surveys/studies required for procurement of all construction permits and approvals

Land Control & Permitting & Outreach

  • Identify viable sites and all landowners and/or land easements required to advance site development, and initiate contact
  • Negotiate and execute wind energy leases/easements with landowner(s)
  • Identify federal, state, and local permits and approvals required for construction and develop and manage detailed project schedules
  • Conduct scoping and project-related meetings with permitting authorities
  • Manage 3rd party environmental and engineering consultants and public relations firms
  • Plan and conduct community project meetings
  • Prepare and submit permit applications


  • Determine proximity and ratings of local distribution systems
  • Manage 3rd parties to determine capacity on existing distribution lines
  • Manage the interconnection process from initial electrical utility application through electrical studies to final executed generator interconnection agreement

Commercial & Financing

  • Identify local, state, and or federal tax incentives and project eligibility requirements
  • Complete applications for loans and grants
  • Negotiate and execute Power Purchase Agreements with utilities, commercial or industrial customers or intermediaries
  • Negotiate and execute contracts to sell renewable energy credits
  • Work with EWT’s internal financial team to determine economic feasibility of projects

We are looking for someone with at least 3+ years of wind energy project development, excellent time management skills, commercial and cost awareness, pragmatic and self-starting attitude, and willingness to travel approximately 50% domestically and occasionally internationally. We are looking for people who are flexible, creative, with a problem-solving attitude, who show initiative and who cooperate well with colleagues.

If you feel you qualify and can support us, please do send your pitch and cv to