High performance direct drive wind turbines with a rated capacity up to 1MW

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The world’s best wind turbines for (re)powering distributed generation

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Onsite generation from the Arctic Circle to the rural and industrial heartlands of the world

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Hybrid and Microgrid Solutions

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EWT Facts

% Fleet Availability-(12 months average)
Powered Households
GWh Produced
M.Tons of CO2 Saved


Creating distributed energy champions

Whether maximizing your energy cost savings or income, working on grid or off grid, from a single building to remote communities or investing in wider distributed energy solutions; EWT guides you throughout your energy transition.

CO2 statement

The calculator below can be used to measure generated electricity and the effect of wind energy on CO2 abatement per equivalent household consumption per year. Select your wind turbine configuration in the drop down menu, click on ‘Calculate’ and the results will be shown immediately. Average values are shown in the calculator, but can be changed for your specific project.


Turbine model
Choose a turbine model
Number of turbines
Amount of turbines
Wind speed (m/s)
At reference height
Weibull shape (k)
Between 1 - 4
Reference height (m)
Between 10 - 100
Air density (kg/m³)
Between 1.0 - 1.3
Shear (exponent)
Between 0.0 - 0.9
Electricity consumption (kWh/year)
Per household
CO2 emissions (kg/kWh)
Per kWh


Turbine capacity (kW) -
Rotor diameter (m) -
Hub height (m) -

Generated gross electricity (kWh/year) -
Generated net electricity, indicative* (kWh/year) -
Generated net electricity (household equivalent) -
CO2 abatement based on net electricity (tons/year) -
* Generated net electricity includes 9% assumed total loss.


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Our presence around the globe

EWT supplies a broad range of customers, across many countries. Including landowners to investment funds, communities to small and large industry.

    Solving your energy needs

    EWT is at the heart of the global transition towards lower carbon and more sustainable forms of power generation, helping individuals, businesses and communities of all sizes to become distributed energy champions. Want to know more?

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