Energy Solutions

To get the most out of your wind turbine, you need to ensure its performance is optimized over the long term. EWT helps you achieve that through 24/7 operations and service support and performance enhancement delivered by a team that fully understands your needs.

As hundreds of EWT customers can confirm, our cost-effective yet comprehensive service support is the key to unlocking your turbine’s potential. Our service contracts are all encompassing, delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and turbine availability. With our own highly skilled local service teams close to you supported by 24/7 remote monitoring via our state-of-the-art control centre, you can be sure of the fastest response times. And we are committed to continually improving the performance of installed turbines via in-house R&D.

Uniquely, we have more than ten years’ experience ranging from delivering complete wind farm services to maintaining single-turbine installations in a wide range of geographies. We combine the best of both worlds and understand the needs of all distributed energy customers, from single-turbine owners to remote communities and wind farm groups.