Control Centre

EWT Control Centre

Elevate your wind energy experience with EWT’s dynamic Control Centre, a proactive hub that monitors wind turbine performance 24/7 and prioritizes the performance of your assets.


Expertise at Your Service
Our Control Centre delivers unparalleled 24-hour customer support, ensuring that an operator is readily available around the clock to cater to global customer needs.

A team of dedicated experts, committed to maximizing turbine performance, safety, and revenue is at your service. Harnessing advanced data analysis capabilities, we elevate your asset portfolio by tapping into the wealth of knowledge from EWT turbines and a range of other turbine brands.

Optimize Performance
Our Control Centre engineers’ expertise makes them the perfect partners for tackling challenges, providing on-the-ground assistance to technicians, and conducting in-depth root cause analyses.

Trust our Control Centre to optimize your wind farm’s performance and ensure its sustainability for years to come.


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