Building a solid foundation

Driving wind energy to its full potential

Since 2004, EWT has been creating distributed energy champions by supplying the most economical and reliable direct drive wind turbines for localized energy generation. Over the years, we have continually challenged ourselves to improve our products to lower the cost of energy of our turbines. Today, with over 600 turbines installed across North America, Europe, and Asia, EWT has a proven, certified, and high-performing product range for the decentralized wind sector, including energy solutions and integration with other sources of generation.

Building on a solid foundation

EWT commenced commercial operations in February 2004, with an initial focus on 750 kW and 900 kW direct drive wind turbines. In 2005, after receiving all the necessary certificates to start operations and production, we installed our first 900 kW turbine in the Netherlands. Business in the Netherlands continued to grow, and in 2008 we installed a wind farm of 16 900 kW turbines in the Anna Maria Polder.

Looking to expand into other regions, we sold our first turbines in the US in 2008.  Just one year later, in 2009, we established EWT Americas to support a turbine installation programme, mainly in the Mid-West, and Canada. This local presence helped us to win a tender for a remote community in Alaska, and we now have eight turbines installed in five communities, providing access to sustainable power and making them less dependent on diesel.

New products, markets, and services

In 2010, the UK announced a Feed-In Tariff (FiT) programme for 500 kW turbines. EWT responded by developing a dedicated solution and the first of these 500 kW turbines was installed in 2011. To date, over 350 of our 500 kW turbines have been installed in the UK and we continue to lead the market for this output power.  Following the success of our 500 kW turbines, in 2012 we also designed a 250 kW turbine for a FiT scheme in Northern Ireland.

Business continued to expand across Europe with the installation of three turbines in Sweden in 2012-2013, and our first turbine in Turkey in 2016.

As part of an ongoing objective to expand our range of distributed energy services, in 2016, we  engaged in a joint venture with Distributed Sun in the US. The truSolar project created the largest community solar installation in New York State.

In 2017, we launched our 1 MW platform, expanding our portfolio to cover wind turbines up to 1 MW output. And, recognizing a need for quality service and maintenance for all types of turbine, we also launched our multi-brand service programme.

Repowering opens new markets

New markets opened in 2017, when we became the first non-Danish wind turbine manufacturer to install a turbine in Denmark. We also installed our first turbine in Italy. Our biggest success in 2017 was undoubtedly, the contract to deliver 22 turbines for a repowering project across the Greek mainland and islands. With growing demand, we also started the operation of our own turbine blade factory to guarantee continuity of production.

In 2018, we installed our first non-FIT project in the UK. This shows that wind turbines continue to be a cost-effective and valid choice for any high energy consumption, lower energy cost, green power installation, even though government support is no longer available.