Digging for a greener future

EWT constructed two 250kW wind turbines at Robinson Quarry, a hard rock quarry in Glenwherry, Northern Ireland, owned by the Robinson family.

Their quarry supplies aggregates and concrete building products to companies in sectors such as construction, civil engineering and agriculture.  

Approximately 600,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) are used at Robinson Quarry per year for the production of aggregates and concrete products. 45% of the green electricity generated by the two wind turbines is required to power quarry operations on-site. The rest is fed into the local grid network.

An operational quarry can be a challenging environment to build in, but through careful construction management and procedures, both wind turbines were safely delivered over a period of seven months, without incidents.

“The two wind turbines have turned out to be a fantastic investment. We save on our electricity bill, sell electricity we don’t need to the grid and meanwhile we are doing our bit for the planet and the green economy. The construction of the wind turbines hasn’t hindered our daily activities at all. Our team feel that EWT has been an excellent company to work with. Overall it has been a tremendous success.” Director Stephen Robinson

Project specifications

Location:                     Glenwherry, UK       

Industry:                     Hard rock quarry

Wind Turbines :         2   

Type:                            DW52 250kW           

Hub Height:               50       

Commissioning date: 2012