EWT in United States

EWT has a fleet of turbines spinning in the US, in single or two-turbine deployments. These are predominantly in Alaska and the Mid West, with turbines to be deployed in California and New York State.

Off-grid wind turbine solutions in Alaska

The energy production of EWT wind turbines matches the energy consumption profile of many off-grid high energy users such as communities, islands, industrial sites like mines, water treatment plants, etc.

Many of these off-grid high energy users are currently being powered by diesel generators systems which are very expensive to operate due to their remote location. Hybrid wind/diesel power systems offer a cost-effective alternative and achieve an exceptional fossil fuel saving. EWT has gained experience with hybrid wind/diesel power systems which have been deployed in Alaska.

Despite harsh weather conditions, making project implementation challenging, EWT successfully installed 6 turbines in 3 locations and is currently working on the installation of 2 turbines that will connect 3 remote Alaskan villages.

Two DW54-900kW turbines are providing 20% of one towns energy demand, saving over 1.0m liters of diesel fuel per year.

Creating NY State largest community energy business

EWT and Distributed Sun started a partnership late 2016 to develop community solar projects in the North-East of the United States. The partnership created the largest community energy generation portfolio during the course of 2017, benefitting over 10-15.000 customers in NY state. Next to growing the portfolio, raising capital and making these projects happen, it will also involve the deployment of wind turbines. Maximising both solar and wind deployment is vital to bringing to greatest power cost savings and energy generation flexibility to the North East of the US.

To date, EWT Americas and Distributed Sun developed 90 MW of community solar projects in NY State. These projects deploy a group of solar arrays in central locations (solar farms) and provide bill credits for the energy generated based on the customers power use—eliminating the need for upfront investments in solar panels by the communities but providing them with the benefits of lower power bills.

Giving renewed life to older windfarms in California
In well established markets for wind energy deployment, such as California, turbines which have been running for 13-15 years or more may be replaced for significant improvements in output by a modern turbine. These gains come from the significant improvements in output which come from modern technology and yield from greater swept areas.

Planning regimes in some jurisdictions will require the preservation of original height/setback and/or other considerations. In these situations EWT provides a highly attractive solution, offering modern yields, availability, performance and technology but within planning ordinances which prevent deployment of larger turbines.

EWT retains a centralized service support (Mn) together with local support. Customers in California can benefit from the deployment of an EWT turbine in one of three ways:

  • Generation Income from the Feed-in Tariff:
    Power is sold at 6.9-8.9c/kwhr, without inflation, under a fixed term contract with the utility.
  • Energy Savings from Net Metering:
    Customer offsets its power costs by taking power from the EWT turbine rather than from the grid.

Bonus through the SGIP (Self Generation Incentive):
Whether net metering or selling at FIT, the customer may earn a 5 year bonus to help boost returns if it has sufficient on site electricity demand.

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