With its 61-metre rotor and advanced control features, the DIRECTWIND 61 maximizes your energy output from low-wind (class IIIA) sites. This pitch-controlled, variable-speed wind turbine is optimized for distributed energy generation. Thanks to EWT’s continuous market-driven innovation, it combines high yields with outstanding reliability. Our direct drive technology means fewer moving parts, so less maintenance and more availability. Meanwhile the aerodynamic rotor design ensures high efficiency and reduces noise.

Standard power output options

Other output ratings are available on request.


  • Rotor diameter (metres)
  • 60.9
  • Variable rotor speed: min (rpm)
  • 9
  • Variable rotor speed: rated (rpm)
  • 22 (500 kW), 23 (750 kW), 24 (900 kW & 1 MW)
  • Hub heights (metres)
  • 46, 59, 69 and 84
  • IEC wind class
  • IIIA (up to 7.5 m/s average at hub height)
  • Cut-in wind speed (m/s)
  • 3
  • Cut-out wind speed (m/s 10-min average)
  • 25
  • Survival wind speed (m/s)
  • 52.5 m/s
Power Curve DW61-1000kW


You can choose from a wide range of options to tailor your EWT turbine to your specific requirements and local conditions. These include:

  • Aviation light
  • Shadow flicker
  • Ice detection
  • Cold climate package
  • Blade heating
  • Black blades
  • Climb assist
  • Low-voltage ride through (LVRT)
  • Automatic voltage control
  • Frequency response
  • Power curtailment

1. Rotor blades
Large rotor diameter to achieve high energy yields. Optimum aerodynamic performance, resulting in high efficiency and low noise levels.

2. Variable pitch
Each blade is automatically pitch to control the generator rotation speed.

3. Nacelle design
Spacious nacelle design for excellent serviceability and maximum safety.

4. Direct drive generator
Fewer rotating parts reduce mechanical stress, leading to a lower maintenance need and therefore superior availability levels.

5. Tower design
Type Conical tubular steel, internal ascent. Hub heights 46 and 69 m

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