EWT in India

Contributing to India’s onshore wind ambitions

India, one of the largest countries in the world and also one of the countries with the largest installed capacity of wind power. We at EWT believe there is room for some more and have entered the Indian market. In 2018, EWT Wind Turbines India PVT Ltd was incorporated and a state of the art assembly facility was set up in the heart of India’s wind state, Tamil Nadu. With capacity to assemble up to 100 sets of hubs and nacelles annually, the assembly facility will play a key role in EWT’s ambition to supply turbines in India. The Indian assembly facility is a mirror image of EWT’s assembly facility in the Netherlands, ensuring strict compliance with EWT’s quality control- and IEC type certificate requirements.

With an installed capacity of nearly 8 gigawatts (GW) of wind power, Tamil Nadu is one of the world’s champions of green energy making it a logical basis for EWT’s Indian activities. India is on track to double its onshore wind capacity and EWT aims its turbines to contribute to this target, both in greenfield projects and in repowering.