EWT in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the main support instrument for renewable energy is the SDE+ premium feed-in scheme. This support scheme promotes renewable energy sources used for electricity, renewable gas and heating purposes.

Reduce your energy bills
Our customers in the Netherlands are searching for ways to make their farms more profitable by securing additional income or diversifying into alternative energy. They also wish to reduce their energy bills and become carbon-neutral in their businesses or ensure sustainable revenues for future generations. Most of the time our customers already have an operational wind turbine on their farm. Eventually, the wind turbines need to be replaced when it reaches the end of their operational lifetimes. Or we are dealing with a new wind energy project where a new wind turbine is installed.

Repowering projects
The repowering projects are often single wind projects or small wind farms. Due to limitations in planning legislation, the owners are not allowed to replace their wind turbines by new 3MW turbines. Only repowering with the same hub height is allowed. For example in the region of Groningen the hub height must be 40 meter.

Large rotor, high energy yield
Due to the identical hub height the generator capacity will increase enormously, providing up to 4 times more output! Furthermore, the rotor diameter will be enlarged and therefore more kWh of renewable energy will be produced.

Green investment
Most of the electricity generated by the EWT turbine is used on or near the wind turbine location, for example powering farming machinery. Advantages are that it offsets the customers energy bills and provides for additional income from the SDE+ subsidies and export payments received. In short: good returns on your green investment!