Installing wind turbines on the Greek islands, part 2

January 31, 2019
Stylianos Marinakis

This is the second in a series of articles in which we share our view of working on the Greek islands. A series of projects awarded by the Greek utility PPCR takes us on an exciting journey.

In early September 2018 the first batch of 12 wind turbines, out of the total 22, were delivered in Greece, ready for onward shipping to their final destinations on the various islands. The turbines were transported to the port of Mesta in Chios, as a central location for the final installation sites.

In the middle of November PPCR announced that Samos was the first of the 10 parks ready for installation of the wind turbines and EWT erected this park consisting of 2 wind turbines soon after. The turbines are currently waiting for park energization by the grid operator and are expected to soon start producing sustainable energy for the island of Samos.

Source: Meteographer, My Samos Blogspot

EWT is waiting for the green light from PPCR to install the further 10 turbines currently in Greece and is already transporting the final further 10 turbines to Lavrion for delivery in February making sure that everything is ready for installation once the sites are ready. Stay tuned for more updates.

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