EWT completes installation of the 9th project for PPC Renewables

September 16, 2020

On 13 September EWT completed the installation of 3 DW52*900HH50 turbines on the Island of Chios. The project is the 9th out of a total of 10 projects awarded to EWT by Greek utility PPC Renewables. EWT turbines were found by PPCR to be the ideal solution for the Greek islands, not only because of the reliable technology (direct drive, fully rated converter, park controller etc.) but also because of EWT’s experience with remote and off-grid/microgrid applications.

Due to the limited access through the local port and to minimize the impact on local infrastructure, delivery of the turbines to the island took place through a temporary beach landing. EWT has an experienced team that know how to deal with logistical challenges and the Greek islands are a no exception with their narrow streets, impossible turns and challenging access.

Commissioning of the turbines will happen shortly, allowing Chios to reduce its reliance on diesel generators and benefit from its own cheaper and cleaner power!