EWT installed the first DW61-1000kW wind turbines in Greece

September 21, 2021

EWT successfully completed the installation of three DW61-1000kW wind turbines in Boeotia, Greece for its customer Aigaioelektriki Paleovounas Elikonos SA. With a tower height of 69 meters and a rotor diameter of 61 meters, these DW61 wind turbines are the best solution in the 1000kW category for project sites with low to moderate wind speeds.

Optimal performance throughout the lifetime of the turbines is ensured through a 20-year full scope maintenance and service contract by EWT’s experienced service and maintenance crews and round the clock remote monitoring and control.

This project marks not only the 1st installation of DW61 wind turbines in Greece, but is also the 15th completed project for EWT in Greece in the past 3 years, demonstrating that EWT provides the turbines of choice in this segment in the Greek market.

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