EWT is awarded 22 turbine project order by PPCR of Greece

December 20, 2017

Athens, 20 December 2017 – EWT, the world’s leading turbine supplier for localized energy generation, signed today a contract with PPC Renewables (a subsidiary of PPC, Greece’ largest power generation company) in Athens for a project to install 22 of its world leading turbines on 10 Greek islands.


“We are pleased to announce this partnership with EWT to execute the project which will replace old wind turbines with EWT’s highly efficient turbines, and bring today’s renewable power to Greece on a highly localised, dependable and cost-effective basis” said Ilias Monacholias, CEO of PPCR.

Early August PPCR announced the tender for 18 wind farms in Greece and 10 of those wind sites were awarded to EWT in November. PPCR’s decision to select EWT was based on the combination of technology suitability, service commitment and company focus on localised energy generation, being uniquely able to meet the challenging conditions of the islands in which the turbines will be located.

PPCR and EWT share a strong desire to provide today’s best solutions to the communities of Greece, and EWT’s product and service innovations have been designed to meet both the highest standards and specific market demands. This includes a more tailor-made approach in terms of meeting the logistical needs of the islands.

“We have been delighted with the award of this prestigious contract by PPCR to EWT, and are looking forward to work closely with PPCR and its excellent team. We look forward to our wind turbines providing long term cost effective power to PPCR and its customers across the Greek islands and on the mainland. Greece represents a country with tremendous wind resource to be used for the good of its population at a local level, and EWT the best in class solution.” states Mark Jones, CEO of EWT.

The turbines are to be installed on 10 different islands, making the location more complex than others, and includes delivery, installation and commissioning of 22 DW 52-900kW wind turbines. The turbines will be serviced by EWT via a long term DirectWind Service package, consisting of 24/7 condition monitoring, product- and performance warranties and preventive maintenance. The turbines are expected to be installed during 2018.

2017 marks a further year in EWT building beyond its well documented successes in the UK and North America, reaffirming its position as the turbine and company of choice in both highly dependable, technically advanced and cost effective localized energy generation. In addition to the award by PPCR in Greece, landmarks in 2017 include first installations in Italy and Denmark, unprecedented and market leading solar and wind investment achievements in New York State localized generation, successful crowdfunding in the Netherlands, successful repowering in Ireland, new product launch, and the first FIT-free project in the U.K.

Mark Jones, CEO EWT (left) & Ilias Monacholias, CEO PPCR (right) at the signing ceremony


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