EWT successfully completes installation of 2 x DW52-900kW wind turbines on the island of Chios

July 7, 2021

Following a challenging transportation and installation process on the remote island of Chios, Greece, the projects Makria Skala and Kefala are ready to spin and harness the strong winds of the Aegean sea. Being the first two out of 12 wind turbines planned for installation in 2021 in Greece on behalf of the company Aigaoioelektreki, EWT is happy to announce successful completion of these two DW52’s, raising the number of EWT turbines on the island of Chios to 6.

Mr Konstantinos Mavroudis, director of Aigaioelektreki said: “Throughout this process, EWT managed to overcome all difficulties and perform its activities with great professionalism and responsibility in order to see these projects realized. I am happy to work with a company that respects its customers and employees and can operate beyond conventional obligations in order to achieve the best possible result.”