EWT wins third order from Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Inc.

November 20, 2019

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Inc. (AVEC – https://avec.org) purchases its third EWT DW900 wind turbine to to provide power to Stebbins and Saint Michael, two remote communities in rural Alaska. Stebbins has a population of 585 people while Saint Michael has a population of 401 people (2010 census). Both villages are located on Saint Michael Island in Norton Sound. The villages have a subarctic climate with maritime influences during the summer. Winter temperatures average -4° to 16°Fahrenheit (-20° to -9° Celsius). Extremes from -55°Fahrenheit (-50° Celsius) have been recorded. AVEC covers the largest area of any retail electric cooperative in the world, serving 58 communities across Alaska, nearly all of which are only accessible by airplane or marine vessel.

The EWT DW54*900HH75 turbine will be fully integrated into the generation and distribution system, improving grid stability and power quality which are common issues in diesel micro-grids. The tower features high strength steel for arctic climates. EWT’s cold weather package, black blades, ice detection and heating systems are specifically designed to optimize performance, reliability and operating efficiency in extreme low temperatures. The wind turbine will save over 165,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

EWT specializes in distributed wind applications and has years of experience providing sales and technical support, project management and logistics, engineering, installation, and in-house service and maintenance for its range of high performance direct drive wind turbines. EWT is committed to the successful lifetime operation of its wind turbines, even in remote and challenging locations like Stebbins and Saint Michael, Alaska.