EWT’s 25-year turbine life certificate ensures a stronger business case

May 12, 2020

In April, UL issued the world’s first 25-year type certificate for a sub-MW wind turbine to EWT. EWT’s 25-year life certificate can reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of wind projects by up to 8%. The 25-year type certificate covers products released from 2020. Issued for EWT’s DW61-1MW turbine, EWT plans to obtain similar length certification for other models.

To issue the type certificate, UL assessed the turbine’s ability to handle the additional loads from the extended operational life as well as ageing, wear and potential faults from longer operations. “With this certification we continue to demonstrate leadership in the distributed energy space.  By extending our turbines’ operational lifetime, we ensure the lowest cost of energy, creating maximum value for our customer’s business case”, says Mark Jonkhof, EWT’s Chief Technical Officer.

Ensuring a stronger business case for the customer, longer turbine design lifetime is attractive to developers around the world. Longer certified lifetimes will boost investor confidence in longer financial models and prompts developers to seek longer leases.

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