WWF India Report

December 9, 2019

Commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers in India can cut their electricity bills in a range between 30% and 60% by switching to renewable energy, according to the report “Global Corporate Renewable Power Procurement Models: Lessons for India” by World Wildlife Fund-India (WWF-India).

“With renewable power costs falling rapidly, C&I consumers have a very strong financial incentive to switch to clean energy. They can not only make attractive savings of around 30-60% on grid power, but also reduce carbon emissions and comply with Renewable Purchase Obligations,” WWF-India said in its report.

EWT is committed to contributing to India’s climate action plans and to helping C&I consumers in India reduce their electricity bills. For more information about EWT’s range of direct drive wind turbines or our activities in India have a look at our website or contact Joshi Raghavendra: