Decarbonising A.G. Barr’s soft drinks

A.G. Barr is the UK’s leading independent soft drink manufacturer, particularly well known for its popular soft drink IRN-BRU. The company is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, and the installation of an EWT 500kW DW54 wind turbine at their factory site near Glasgow has made a considerable contribution. Power generated by the turbine – on average 1,180MWh per year – provides the drinks factory with up to 8% of its annual electricity demand, replacing between 430 – 1030 tonnes of CO2 which would have been emitted had the power otherwise been produced by either a gas or coal fired power station*. Any electricity generated when the factory is not in operation is fed into the local electricity network.  A community benefit fund totalling £120,000 was put in place for local residents, which funds a variety of local groups, projects and initiatives.
*Source: RenewableUK

“Reducing the environmental impact of our operation is a key priority and we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint through a number of different activities.  The wind turbine is one such activity which also benefits the local community financially.”
Andrew Memmott, A.G. Barr’s Supply Chain Director

Project specifications

Location:               Glasgow

Industry:                Soft drink manufacturer

Wind Turbines :     1

Type:                      DW 54 500kW

Hub Height:         40

Commissioning date:     November 2015