Creating NY State largest community energy business

In December 2016 EWT announced the joint venture with Distributed Sun; owner, financier and operator of distributed energy resources throughout the United States, to develop community solar projects in the North-East of the United States. The partnership created the largest community energy generation portfolio during the course of 2017, benefitting over 10-15.000 customers in NY state. Next to growing the portfolio, raising capital and making these projects happen, it will also involve the deployment of wind turbines. Maximising both solar and wind deployment is vital to bringing to greatest power cost savings and energy generation flexibility to the North East of the US.

To date, EWT Americas and Distributed Sun developed 90 MW of community solar projects in NY State. These projects deploy a group of solar arrays in central locations (solar farms) and provide bill credits for the energy generated based on the customers power use—eliminating the need for upfront investments in solar panels by the communities but providing them with the benefits of lower power bills.  Customers sign up through a platform created by EWT and DSUN and access through the truSolar.

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Head of Business Development – North America

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