Repowering old with new

The Westeinde wind farm was erected in July 2018 and consists of 7 turbines replacing 7 older turbines.  All new turbines are replaced with the same hub height, rotor diameter and power output as the previous one.

The site is located near Anna Paulowna (Noord-Holland) at the side of a levee which is owned by the water authorities with the only accessible crane path being the actual public road, posing a challenge for the works and the project manager on behalf of the clients Topwind.

Due to the lack of space, EWT had to deliver all components “just-in-time” in exactly the right order, using two supply routes. Despite the challenging logistics the construction of the turbines took only 9 days, a great effort due to a combination of teams: the craneage and haulage partners working smoothly together.

The turbines will be operational early September 2018.



     Anna Paulowna, NL

Wind turbines           7

Type                              DW52 – 900kW

Hub height                  50 m