Working round the clock to keep customers’ bills down

United Utilities is one of the UK’s biggest utility companies. They supply three million people and 200,000 businesses with clean, clear water. As part of their multi-billion-pound Carbon Mitigation Action Plan, United Utilities identified EWT’s DW54-500kW wind turbine as the most suitable model available on the market to achieve the energy goals for their Fazakerley Waste Water Treatment Works in Liverpool.

The Fazakerley water treatment works operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The EWT wind turbine produces on average up to 1,250 MWh of electricity per annum, which is roughly equivalent to 15 per cent of the water treatment works’ annual energy needs. The turbine is also connected to the local grid network, but due to the constant, high demand of the water works, almost all the energy it generates is used directly on-site.

EWT’s wind turbine saves United Utilities approximately £105,000 on their yearly electricity bill. By keeping the company’s bills low, the turbine contributes to keeping their customers’ bills low as well.

Project specifications

Location:                 Liverpool

Industry:                Waste water treatment

Wind Turbines :     1

Type:                       DW 54 500kW

Hub Height:          50

Commissioning date:     November 2015