Advanced wind turbine design

Based on a proven architecture, concepts and technologies, our wind turbine design has been independently certified to IEC 61400. This high quality can be seen in our installed fleet of over 600 turbines, all of which are delivering high energy yields, high availability, and low maintenance costs.

Compact nacelle

Wind turbines nacelles typically have a long, rectangular shape. But, our wind turbines do not have a gearbox, so they can have a very compact nacelle designs. In fact, our wind turbine nacelles are essentially just an extension of the tower to which the generator and the rotor are mounted.

More efficient and serviceable
This compact nacelle lay-out reduces top-head-mass and provides easy access to the nacelle and hub. And by just using one main bearing in the nacelle design, the number of components is reduced, resulting in a more efficient and serviceable design.

Space to work safely
While compact, our nacelle design still provides enough space for engineers to access the rotor hub, providing excellent serviceability and maximum safety. Service and maintenance can be performed at a lower cost and with less risk, as there are no shafts in the nacelle and the rotor hub can be reached from the inside of the nacelle.

Aerodynamic rotor blades

Delivering the highest energy yield in their class, our wind turbines feature large rotor diameters ranging from 52m up to 61m. Our blades also provide the lowest cost of electricity for turbines in the 250 kW to 1 MW range. Each rotor blade is designed to deliver optimum aerodynamic performance, boosting yields at low wind speeds, and reducing wind noise.

Range of tower heights

For different applications, different tower heights are needed. We can support a full range of heights from 35 m to 75m and in accordance with IEC standards.