DW54*1MW wind class IA

January 31, 2019

The turbine of choice for the strongest, most turbulent wind regime in the IEC classification

The newly developed DW54-1MW wind turbine is EWT’s latest turbine development suitable for the windiest sites on earth. The looks it borrows from EWT’s familiar and proven direct drive architecture that builds on the commonality between turbine types in order to achieve the lowest LCOE for the widest range of site conditions. Its intelligence it gets from the latest advanced control strategies incorporated in the DW58/DW61 wind turbines, allowing this new turbine to operate under harsh wind conditions without penalizing energy performance or increasing material cost. The blades have been designed to survive very extreme wind speeds with peaks of 250km/hr whilst maintaining optimal aerodynamic properties to achieve the high-power performance that our customers expect. The design was certified by UL and end of 2018 the testing program was completed successfully at the internationally well recognized testing institute Blaest by testing the blade for 20 years of operation in an accelerated fatigue test. Market launch of the DW54*1MW wind class IA will take place in 2019.