EWT featured in PPCR promotional videos

November 30, 2020

We are very proud of the 21 EWT turbines we have installed in Greece. Even though the white sandy beaches and blue seas look very inviting, it is in reality a difficult environment to construct and operate wind turbines in. Accessing the turbine locations with large components and heavy equipment is challenging and the wind speeds on Greek islands are generally high throughout the year, making it a logical place for producing wind energy, but less so for transporting and lifting tower sections, blades and generators. This was by no means a beach holiday for the crews! Seeing these 21 wind turbines spinning is a tribute to the hard work and perseverance of the people involved from PPCR, EWT and the transport- and crane companies.

We are glad to see that our pride is shared by our customer PPCR who prominently features EWT turbines in its promotional videos and captures exactly where EWT makes an impact: we are committed to helping businesses and communities take control of their own energy production. We do that by offering the best wind turbine for distributed generation for – almost – every location, by understanding our customers’ needs and accommodating those, by being able to think out-of- the-box and – most important of all – by being safe, the health and safety of people always comes first.

Enjoy watching!