Opportunities for industrial users to take the lead in renewable energy in Mexico

October 13, 2017
Ignacio López Martin

With the newly introduced regulation in Mexico, there is an opportunity to develop and implement renewable energy projects focused on self-consumption for industrial users.

This clean certificate scheme stimulates the planning of renewable energy projects in the coming years and will come into force in 2018. Clean Energy Certificates (CELs) can be bought by large consumers to prove that a percentage of their electricity comes from clean sources.

High intensive energy industries like mining, textile, steel & cement and food can benefit from this legislation and start generating clean energy onsite for which they will receive the CEL and make their projects more profitable. 

Offsetting more expensive power from your local factory

With onsite renewable energy generation customers can offset more expensive power from the utility. By implementing onsite generation, the electricity costs calculated over the operation period of a wind turbine (20+ years) will directly reduce the OPEX factory costs and it will reduce the volatility of the CFE prices. With the green energy produced onsite, the CELs are now applicable allowing the industrial plant to use them for the clean resource requirements and being able to commercialize their business by generating an additional income stream.  
Such renewable energy projects bring benefits not only to the industrial plant by impacting the CO2 footprint, but it also stimulates the local community and its economy.

To give an example, Lanchester Group, a UK Wine business, is committed to be fully sustainable and yet they are the world’s first carbon-negative drinks business. Between 2011 and 2014, the Lanchester Group erected three EWT wind turbines; together these provide at least 5.5million KWh each year. The Group uses roughly 50% of this to power their 440,000 square foot site, and this will play a major role in enabling them to realise their vision of becoming a ‘carbon negative’ business. They are already rightfully proud to be the world’s first ‘carbon minus’ wine business, and wish to take this even further. Growing in a sustainable way is important to the company. Using cutting edge low-carbon technology will have the twofold effect of ensuring the Group grows in a sustainable way and future-proofing the business against rising energy cost.

A sustainable future ahead for Mexico

EWT is helping Mexican customers to reduce their energy costs and become less dependent on expensive conventional energy sources by providing solutions for wind energy generation on site. We have identified and structured different options for these industrial users to benefit from onsite wind generation projects. Bringing together a full package of finance, project development and construction, we provide a full energy solution to clients that will benefit from reduction of their energy cost, security on the Green certificates obligations and a great green image flag down their door pointing their factories as sustainable businesses.

Contact EWT Mexico without any hesitation for a feasibility plan of your facility. We are able to advice different solutions and provide options around your project with local generation (turnkey, finance, lease or PPA)

This article is the first in a series discussion CEL legislation in Mexico, Distributed Generation, Financing options for such projects and potential savings for Mexican energy intensive industries. Stay tuned for more!  

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