Long term security against rising electricity prices

At the site of Kingspan in North Wales, a well-known global industrial insulation company with over 11,000 employees across five continents, EWT delivered a DW52-900kW wind turbine during a 3-day factory shutdown period late summer. The turbine stands at 78 metres tall, from the ground to the tip of the blade. Sirius Renewable Energy own and operate the turbine and are supplying Kingspan with renewable energy under a long term corporate PPA to cover the lifetime of the project.  This project will help reduce manufacturing plants overheads, and provide long term security against rising electricity prices, helping the business to remain competitive.  It is expected that 90% of the power from the wind turbine will be consumed on-site when all four production lines are running virtually 24/7.  And when it is not powering Kingspan, during the factory’s Christmas shutdown or over other quieter periods, the power it generates will feed into the national grid. The turbine will complement the already installed 400kW of Solar PV on the plant.

According to Nick Davies, Managing Director of Sirius Renewable Energy, it has taken several years for this wind project to take shape, navigating difficulties in planning and undertaking helicopter surveys to  prove that the turbine will not be visible to radar.

The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) however, still has to complete nearby substation upgrade works allowing the turbine to achieve a grid connection by January 2019.

Kingspan has made a pledge to be a Net Zero Energy company by 2020 and is committed to maximising renewable energy sources for sustainable business continuity and growth. The existing Holywell rooftop solar panel array, together with additional contribution from the turbine enables Kingspan to maintain its long-standing and ongoing presence as a sizeable employer in the region for the foreseeable future, whilst reducing its carbon energy consumption and environmental impact.

Delivery of this project was an excellent example of team-work and project planning with EWT, Sirius and Kingspan co-operating on all aspects of the installation to ensure that the project could be delivered on a very busy production facility without adversely affecting factory operations.
Nick Davies, Director Renewable Energy, Sirius Group

Project specifications

Location:                  North Wales

Wind Turbines :      1

Type:                         DW52-900kW

Hub Height:             50

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