Investing in distributed energy

Helping distributed energy businesses and investors find opportunities to succeed.

EWT has already build an impressive track record in the distributed energy transformation. And we are committed to making it as easy as possible for individuals, communities, and businesses to make the transformation to distributed energy for themselves. That’s why we actively invest in businesses that offer real potential for distributed energy and create our own distributed energy solutions

We are focussed on businesses which will enhance EWT’s own base offering and/or are scalable in distributed energy. These may include businesses in Europe and North America which:

  • Draw on our services or other scalable solutions to improve the integration and operability of microgrids, and other distributed energy deployment
  • Represent growth platforms beyond wind within Distributed Energy, even if unconnected with our existing wind business
  • Improve the deployment of EWT’s own product range
  • Offer the opportunity to co-develop projects in target countries for EWT turbine deployment within the wind sector

EWT currently has partnerships in Latin America, the US and Europe.

Your investment opportunities

In addition to investing our own money, we also help other investors find the right distributed energy opportunities for their own investment portfolios.

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