Direct Drive Technology

Our DIRECTWIND turbines are based on proven direct drive technology, where the rotor directly drives the synchronous generator. Combined with a range of advanced control features, this delivers several benefits to customers including high energy yield, quiet operation and long-term reliability and availability.

High energy yield

With turbine power outputs ranging from 500kW to 1MW, and rotor tip heights from 61 m to 100 m, our DIRECTWIND turbines are designed to deliver maximum wind energy yield and a low total cost of electricity for all types of wind conditions (IEC class I, II and III) and in any location.

Quiet operation

Our direct drive wind turbines do not have a gearbox, so mechanical noise is significantly reduced. Together with the optimised profile of our turbine blades which reduces aerodynamic noise, this makes our DIRECTWIND turbines ideal for locations with strict noise restrictions.

Long-term reliability and availability

With no gearbox, our DIRECTWIND turbines have less rotating components than a standard turbine. They also feature a single main bearing, which supports the rotor assembly and generator, further reducing the number of moving parts and delivering significant reductions in maintenance and repair costs.

Robust performance in harsh environments

Even in harsh, remote locations, EWT turbines operate with high availability, delivering dependable and stable performance in the toughest weather conditions from high temperatures to freezing cold. Their small size, also makes them ideal for remote locations where logistics or regulations may restrict the size of turbines that can be installed.