EWT receives German DIBt Type Certificate for the DW61 platform

July 27, 2018

Amersfoort, 27 July, 2018 – EWT, the world’s leading wind turbine supplier for localized energy generation, received confirmation that it’s DW61 turbine platform with a power output of 750kW and a hub height of 69 meters is now type certified according to the German DIBt guideline 2012 for WZ II, GK 1&2.

Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (Center of Competence in Civil Engineering) is a technical authority that grants national technical approvals for non-regulated construction products and types of construction. They are active, amongst other things, in granting structural design approvals.

“Receiving the Type Certificate from DIBt is a big milestone for EWT. Although the DW61 has already been type certified confirm International IEC standards, the DIBt confirms again that the turbine complies with all requirements ensuring safety and reliability of wind turbines according to German regulation.” says Mark Jonkhof, Chief Technology Officer at EWT

Financing banks, insurance companies and authorities require reliability and safety assessments of wind energy projects. “The type certificate is also a key part for EWT to give our customers the confidence that our wind turbines are of high quality and ready for the German market.” says Bas Hoogeveen, Sales Manager Germany at EWT.

Wind turbines with capacity up to and including 750kW are excluded from the tender process and receive a fixed Feed-In Tarff. Also, for self-consumption projects 750kW turbines receive a Feed-In Tariff over the electricity that is fed back into the grid and which is not consumed on site. This advantage can help German small to medium businesses to save on their energy costs, control their own energy use and reduce the CO2 emissions of the company.

With the DIBt type certificate a new market has opened for EWT, expanding the deployment of turbines and contracts to build on localised basis.