Grid friendly technology

Meeting even the most stringent grid requirements, our turbines feature an advanced full-power converter with many programmable functions such as power factor adjustment, low voltage ride-through, and automatic voltage and frequency control.

This makes our DIRECTWIND turbines the perfect choice for a wide range of grid connections including solitary applications, weak grids, microgrids, and high turbulence sites.

Easy integration

The flexibility provided by our direct drive technology and back-to-back full-power converter technology makes our turbines highly suited for integration with other power generation sources such as in hybrid systems.

EWT wind/diesel a perfect fit
The energy production of EWT’s turbines matches the energy consumption profile of many off-grid high energy users such as communities, islands, industrial sites like mines, water treatment plants, etc. Many of these off-grid high energy users are currently being powered by diesel generators systems which are very expensive to operate due to their remote location. Hybrid wind/diesel power systems offer a cost-effective alternative and achieve an exceptional fossil fuel saving. EWT has gained experience with hybrid wind/diesel power systems which have been deployed in Alaska.

EWT is already benefiting communities who are in remote, off-grid locations, and who rely on EWT to provide cost saving power as part of an integrated energy solution. EWT is helping save significant amounts of their current electricity bills, improve system robustness and reduce carbon emissions.

  • When operating off-grid, one or more EWT turbines work together with other sources of generation.
  • The EWT turbines provide electricity which allow more expensive generation to be either swithed off or put on reserve, often saving between 0.20 and 0.30 euro/kWh.
  • Wherever power is priced at 0.12 and 0.14 euro kWh or more and local wind deployment is permitted, EWT may have a compelling way of saving you money.
  • This can result in payback times of 5 years or less.